Grand Palace Boutique Gallery

Italyanskaya St, 15, Nevsky Ave, 44

+7 (812) 449-94-19

Our story began in 1986. Back then we were a family company with few workers specialized in making fur hats and accessories production. Nowadays Kussenkovv Fashion House produces not only fur hats and accessories but also fur coats of exceptional quality and has lots of loyal customers all around the world.
Our fur garments stand out by its exceptional workmanship performance, individuality and fur of the highest quality. We have transformed the fur into an iconic, versatile and luxurious piece. The skins and furs are embroidered, embellished and are often combined with other materials. The products are lightweight and trend- driven. Style, uniqueness and precious materials come to life forged by the wise hands of our artisans. The brand uses only the best quality natural silk, lace, cashmere, wool end etc. from the world’s leading factories that are based mainly in Italy.
For many years Kussenkovv Fashion house has been buying fur for its products on the world-famous auctions: Saga Furs, Kopenhagen Furs, Sojuzpushnina, Harvesters Furs. Collaborating closely with the largest fur suppliers in the world, Kussenkovv Fashion House concerns not only about quality of furs, but also its ethical sourcing and ecological production.
Family tradition, hard work, honesty to the customer are the constituents that have always helped Kussenkovv Fashion House to stay on top of the fur fashion.