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Unique hotel in the heart of Moscow
Located in the very heart of Moscow and placed in a historical building as every Curio Collection hotel by Hilton all over the world, Chekhoff Hotel Moscow is the first one to open its doors in Russia.

A short walk away from the most breathtaking Russian attractions, such as the Red Square, the Moscow Kremlin, St. Basil’s Cathedral and the Bolshoi Theatre, Chekhoff Hotel Moscow is located in a 19th century mansion raised at the initiative of merchant Sheshkov.

Dating back to 1891, the building turned into a cultural heritage site where in 1899-1900 Anton Chekhov, one of the most outstanding Russian writers, was working on a world-famous play “Three sisters”.

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What makes the mansion created by architect Mecheslav Piotrovich truly special is that more than a century ago one of the most legendary Russian writers, Anton Chekhov, lived and worked on his world famous plays here.

The interior design is inspired by literary motives of his works and built in a sophisticated English style. Pastel shades and exquisite pieces of art create a feeling of freedom of spirit and the design only sets the right direction.

What brings together the concept of Chekhoff Hotel Moscow and Russian character is hospitality and frankness. As if inviting to the ambience of home coziness and comfort, it opens its panoramic windows right to the vibrant streets of Moscow and softly fuses with them.

The designers took inspiration from theatre life with guests as its actors in main roles. Start the play right at the reception desk which imitates a real theater foyer. Vintage classics accentuated with soft textures and motives of Anton Chekhov leaves a lasting aftertaste of bohemian lifestyle and theatre performance.

Chekhoff Hotel Moscow can offer 95 rooms of 5 categories.
An elegant design, aristocratic atmosphere and rich cultural heritage are reflected in the five-star Chekhoff Hotel Moscow being the first one representing Curio Collection by Hilton in Russia.

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The hotel offers a choice of 95 rooms of 5 different categories. Decades ago one of the rooms was occupied by Anton Chekhov and served a meeting venue for legendary Russian writers such as Leo Tolstoy, Ivan Bunin, Vladimir Gilyarovskiy.

Inspired by modern classics and accentuated with sophisticated pieces of art, room interiors will indulge you into an ambiance of harmony and comfort.

The atmosphere is supported by gentle materials and delicate natural textures which form a unique game of colors and shades which make the space light and airy.
In our effort to make your stay truly comfortable, all rooms are equipped with orthopedic Sweet Dream beds which conform to international Hilton standards coming with soft duvets and pillows.

We will be pleased to provide hypoallergenic bedding upon your request. The rooms have a free Wi-Fi, digital HD TV, installed USB chargers and tea stations. Your stay at Chekhoff Hotel Moscow will become even more comfortable with special guest amenities such as premium cosmetics, tea and coffee selection and complementary bottled water.

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Treat yourself in Chekhoff Cafe & Bar which is located on the 1st floor of Chekhoff Hotel Moscow.

Divided into bar and restaurant spaces, it will allow you to sample classic Russian cuisine in modern interpretation and enjoy signature cocktails and exclusive wines thoroughly selected by a team of professional sommeliers.

Twenty-four-hour room service is available for the guests of the hotel.

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+7 (495) 980-7000 /

Either an anniversary, a private presentation in a VIP-room, a stylish bride party in Chekhoff suite, or a business lunch, family wedding dinner, official reception or a cocktail in Chekhoff Cafe & Bar, Chekhoff Hotel Moscow is a perfect venue to plan your event.

Guided by your personal request, our event team will create a genuinely memorable experience!

For more information and reservations, contact us at: +7 (495) 980-7000 /